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Jiangyin tong sheng machinery co., LTD.
Jiangyin Kaijiasheng Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
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Jiangyin Tong Sheng Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1990. Since the day of business, Tongsheng company spirit of "excellence, pioneering and innovative" spirit of enterprise, continue to thrive, in the domestic textile machinery industry top. Company covers an area of 35000 square meters, construction area of about 20000 square meters. The company has leading gantry machining center, CNC horizontal boring and milling machining center, Germany automatic detection of high precision forming gear grinding machine, cutting machine, CNC bending machines and other finishing equipment, technology and management experience. By virtue of the unique textile machinery technology advantage, and constantly tries to improve and innovate, at Jiangyin Tongsheng Machinery Co., Ltd. have the 220240260300328358410 dozens of kinds of specifications of conventional spinning, high-pressure spun polyester melt spun spinning machine, the whole fiber polyester production line, with an annual output of 5000 - 60000 tons, especially of high-strength low extension, high strength and high elongation have rich and unique manufacturing and technology experience, can also according to user requirements design and development of all kinds of special specifications of products, and provides a design workshop, personnel training, equipment installation and debugging, etc. the high-quality service for the user.
Twenty years of ups and downs, company management layer to deeply understand the, only in the good interpersonal communication and comfortable working environment, employees can systemic heart into work. Therefore, the company's efforts to for employees to create high quality work, learning and living environment, for employees to provide fully display their talents on the stage, do let the staff assured, peace of mind work, pleasant work. Tongsheng company always adhere to the "unity, integrity, hard work, innovation" the enterprise culture, corporate values and business philosophy imperceptibly passed to the employees, so as to create with a high degree of cohesion and loyalty of staff. A large number of skilled senior technicians and experienced management personnel, for enterprises in the domestic market to seize the strategic heights and boarded the stage of international competition to lay a solid foundation.
"Survive by quality, seek development with efficiency". Through the board of directors of the company look far ahead from a high plane. Company according to the changes of the times and social development actively adjust the business strategy and management, adhere to the integrity of the same glory concept, continuous development, improve the technological content of products, accurate market positioning and effective marketing the perfect combination, to achieve the improvement of target market occupation and the competitive power of the enterprise, in a solid domestic market at the same time, Tongsheng company has sales network extends to foreign countries, the whole line of complete polyester staple equipment exported to Thailand, Turkey, India, and many countries and regions. Companies can also be based on the needs of users at home and abroad to provide the corresponding supporting projects, technical innovation projects, such as the service and chemical fiber accessories and other equipment to achieve customized production and service.
Tongsheng companies continue to grow in the reform and the process of enterprises from small to large, through integration, perfect, to grow with steady steps and achieved the objective economic benefit and social benefit. The company's growth and progress, not a little success, thanks to the correct guidance of the party and government policies, thanks to the care and support of the social people from all walks of life, thanks to all aspiring to build Tongsheng, the wisdom of sharing weal and woe with Tongsheng staff dedication and hard work; thanks to the mutual trust and support between partners at home and abroad; Tongsheng company in good cooperation truly depicts the "good faith", in the good cooperation realized complementarity and win-win.
Tong Sheng people will inherit a glory and dream, to create a hundred years enterprise, the tree a hundred years brand responsibility, perseverance, difficulties, for the revitalization of China's textile machinery industry, and constantly struggle, and customers at home and abroad together with new century glory!