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Polyester staple equipment positioning of modern service industry

       At present the country in inflation situation emergency stringent regulation of the expected price, we expect inflation to ease, loosen state administrative intervention, tight supply and demand fundamentals of cotton will continue high operational pattern.

     Industry new capacity and production cycle. Industry is currently only Xia off environmental protection, Huaxi Village and some regeneration of small chemical fiber factory has expansion plans, the rest of the manufacturer no expansion plan. The main reason is that the industry downturn so long as the beginning of spring, the industry is still hesitant, worried that the boom is just a flash in the pan. Expansion cycle is divided into two, a is from polyester and polyester staple equipment supporting the overall construction, cycle in about a year and a half, and a like Xia off environmental protection as well as the West Village and other polyester capacity has the company, just downstream polyester staple equipment expansion, the company's expansion cycle to see ordering of equipment in place of time, from our previous research mainly polyester staple equipment manufacturers Cheng textile machinery was informed equipment delivery cycle in about 10-12 months.

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