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Technical development of high and new chemical fiber complete sets of equipment

        Facing the world resources nervous, occupied land dropped the status quo, chemical fiber products of complete sets of equipment research and development is faced with the problem of how to improve production efficiency of the equipment, reduce the occupied area of the equipment, saving raw materials and energy consumption etc., chemical fiber production technology appeared to continuous, dynamic, flexible, short process, saving energy and reducing consumption, difference in the direction of development trend; chemical fiber spinning, after processing equipment production presented to one machine multipurpose flexible, composite of differentiated, digital control intelligent, equipment module unit structure development trend.

      The industrialization of high and new technology fiber is a very difficult system engineering, it is a major project of multi domain, multi discipline and multi class talent integration innovation, and it is also a concentrated expression of the national technical strength and scientific and technological level. Strict control of the production indexes of this kind of fiber, harsh conditions of production, domestic equipment and materials, instrument control problems are difficult to solve, such as production of high performance carbon fiber resistance to high temperature materials and high temperature carbonization furnace, producing para aramid 1414 to strong corrosion resistance, high precision control twin-screw condensation equipment and all kinds of fine control components have to be imported, which seriously restricts the development of domestic high-tech fiber.

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